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How to Do Prenatal Yoga Cobbler Pose for a Pregnancy Workout

Learn the cobbler pose for prenatal yoga from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


We're going to go through how to do the Cobbler's Pose. It's a wonderful stretch for the inner thighs.

Vicky's going to take a seat with the soles of feet together. Knees out to the side and sitting up nice and tall. Good. Take a deep inhale. And then as you exhale reach forward with your chest. Keep your spine nice and long.

Good. When you feel like you've reached the maximum length in your back you can let your head, neck and shoulders relax over your feet.

Breath gently into the lower back. Let the knees just relax open. You don't have to press them open. Gravity will do the work for you.

There's a lovely variation you can do here to isolate one side of the lower back to stretch it out. From here, Vicky, reach your arms forward and then gently walk your hands over towards the left.

As you walk to the left keep your right sit bone grounded. Let your head relax and breath into your lower right back. And she's going to stay here for five to ten seconds, a little bit longer if it feels nice for you.

And then when she's ready she's going to walk her hands all the way over to the right and let her left lower back stretch. Let the head relax. Keep the left sit bone down and breath into the left lower back.

When she's ready she'll walk her hands to the center first. Let the head relax. See if maybe you can get a little deeper into the stretch. Maybe feel a little bit more relaxation in the lower back.

And when you're ready to come up using your hands to assist you inhale and lift the head, chest and spine.

So that's the Cobbler's Pose. You can do the pose whenever your lower back or inner thighs feel a little tight and need a little bit of a stretch.

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