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How to Do Prenatal Yoga Child's Pose for a Pregnancy Workout

Learn the child's pose for prenatal yoga from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


We're going to show you two variations on how to do child's pose when you're pregnant. Child's pose is wonderful for opening up the lower back and the hips. So with child's pose, when you're pregnant, you have a belly to accommodate for. So Vicky's going to take her knees a lot wider than she normally would. From there, keeping her hips back, walk her hands forward until maybe her head can rest on the floor. Good. Then you can really stretch your arms forward. Stretch them nice and long. They don't have to be parallel. They can be slightly separated. With the forehead on the floor, just going to breathe gently, letting the air go all the way down the spine. Letting the hips relax towards the heels. Very nice. Come up. Bring your hands back, and lift your chest.

There's another variation for when you can't get down. Maybe your back is a little tighter. We're going to put two blocks on the floor, one for under the chest, one for under the head. Then we'll put a comfy bolster on top. Good. Vicky is going to lean forward. You may have to adjust this, and pull this a little bit for you. Good. Then the blocks make a lovely hole for her to put her arms through it. It's just like hugging a pillow. You'll have one cheek on the side so the neck can stretch out a little bit. The shoulder blades can relax off to the side, so the upper back gets a little bit room to breathe. The lower back and hips continue to stretch. Whenever you're ready, you can slowly bring your hands underneath your shoulders. Use your arms to assist you as you come up. Child's pose, you can do for as long as you need to, especially if you're feeling really tired. Stay there for five minutes, or if you just need a quick break, you can be there for about five to ten seconds.

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