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How to Do Prenatal Yoga Downward Dog for a Pregnancy Workout

Learn the downward dog for prenatal yoga from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


Now we're going to show you how to do downward facing dog. Downward dog is wonderful for strengthening your arms, stretching our your lower back which may be getting tight and stretching out the backs of your legs.

Vickie's going to come onto her hands and knees. Spread the fingers wide, press through the fingertips. Tuck your toes and when you're ready, lift your hips up. Very nice. She's going to press through her fingertips to draw her chest towards her thighs. And then draw the thighs back.

As you do so, let the heels relax towards the floor. Let your head relax. If you're calves are feeling really tight, you can press one heel down and then the other, letting the opposite knee bend. This is going to be wonderful when your calves get tight later on in pregnancy. And when you're done with your downward dog, you can let your knees come down and rest in child's pose.

Downward dog is wonderful whenever the back of the body's feeling tight or if you want to strengthen your arms so you have really pretty shoulders when you're pregnant.

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