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How to Do Wag the Dog Pose for Prenatal Yoga Workout

Learn how to do the wag the dog pose for prenatal yoga from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


We're going to show you how to wag the dog in yoga. Wag the dog's great for letting the lower back stretch out, but one side at a time. It's also a chance for you to practice hugging the baby with the transverse abdominus muscles in your stomach.

Vicky's going to come onto all fours, into tabletop position. Knees are underneath the hips, hands under the shoulders, and spread your fingers nice and wide. This time, she's going to work on really keeping her spine pretty neutral. And then, without moving the lower back, just very gently give baby a little bit of a hug with your stomach muscles. Very nice.

From here, she's going to turn and look over her right shoulder and then try to draw her right hip towards her right rib. Good. And then turn the head to the left, and she's going to do the same thing on the left side. Good.

And then very gently, very slowly moving one side to the other. This is allowing one side to stretch out at a time, and it's allowing also the muscles on the opposing side to strengthen and engage. Very nice.

And then just one more time on the left, letting the right side stretch out, engaging the left side. Good. And then coming back to neutral.

You can inhale here. And then when you're ready, after wag the dog, take a child's pose, letting the lower back relax. Very nice.

Wag the dog is wonderful for stretching out the back, as well as strengthening side waist. You can do it whenever you feel a little tight and need a little bit more range of motion in your lower spine.

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