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How to Do the Clasp Hand Behind Back Prenatal Yoga Pose

Learn how to do the clasp hand behind the back pose for prenatal yoga from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


We're going to take you through the clasping your hands behind your back pose. It stretches out the front of the shoulders and the chest. Vicki is going to turn around so we can see what's going on. From here the early option you're going to do is interlace your fingers behind you back. Try to get the heels of your hands together and then press the knuckles down and away.

As she pulls away she is going to continue to roll her shoulders back. See how she engaged her back a little bit which was very nice. She is stretching out the front of her shoulders here. There's a second option she can do as well where she will grab opposite elbows behind her back. Very good. Same thing here you're initially going to want to roll your shoulders forward, but once you have the opposite elbows just roll your shoulders back and breathe across the front of your chest. Good. Then once you’re done with the stretch you can just relax the arms. Very nice.

If you've been practicing yoga and you're familiar with the prayer behind the back stretch you can do the same thing take the finger tips together, gently draw the heels of the hands together. Instead of having your shoulders forward gently roll the shoulders back drawing the elbows away from you as you do that. Whenever you're feeling tight across your shoulders, you want to open up the front of your chest, be able to breathe a little deeper these are all great options to try.

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