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How to Do Prenatal Pilates Mermaid Move in Pregnancy Workout

Learn how to do the mermaid move for prenatal Pilates from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


We're going to take you through how to do the Mermaid exercise. It's great to strengthen the side waist as well as the abdominals in the front. Vicki's going to sit on one hip with her legs gently bent like a fetal pose. From here, sit up nice and tall, bring your left hand onto the mat, right arm's going to reach up into the sky.

As you inhale, reach up and over to the left. Your elbow may come down as you stretch to the side. And then using mostly the right side waist, as you exhale you're going to come all the way back up to sitting. The left hand's there to help you out. Good. Inhale. Let the left elbow reach towards the floor as the right arm reaches up and over. And then using mostly the side waist, drawing the bottom rib towards the hip to lift up. Beautiful. Once more. Slowly reaching up and over, and then using the side waist to gently come on up. Good. And then stay seated for just a second.

We're going to show you a slightly more advanced variation to do that'll strengthen the bottom waist as well as the top waist. From here, she's going to start the same way. Inhale the right arm up. Left elbow's going to slowly come down the the mat. Good. Once her elbow's down, she's actually going to press into her bottom shins and lift her bottom hip up.

From here, slowly bring the hip down to the mat and, again, use the right side of the waist and the left hand to lift on up. Good. We'll do that again. Inhale, lift up, left elbow comes down. Once the elbow's down, the bottom hip lifts up by pressing into the shins. Slowly bring the hip down. Use the right side waist and the left hand to lift up. Good. This is such a great exercise for those abs that are hard to tone once you're pregnant.

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