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How to Do Prenatal Pilates Spinal Twist Move While Pregnant

Learn how to do the spinal twist for prenatal Pilates from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


I'm going to show you how to do a spinal twist when you're pregnant.

You want to be very, very careful once you're pregnant not to do deep, forceful twists through the abdomen. The baby will not like that. Vicki's going to sit very comfortably, she actually has a block underneath her, so she has a little more lift, a little less strain on the hips.

From there, just simple cross-legged stance will work wonderful. She'll inhale, her arms up over her head, and then gently exhale, rotating to the right as her arms lower. She's drawing her belly button gently towards the right, and not forcing or grabbing to make the twists deeper. Inhale, the arms back overhead, and then exhale, gently rotating to the left, again, not forcing by grabbing anything or twist deeper. Good. Continue on your own breath timing, Vicki.

You're going to inhale the arms up, and then exhale them, side to side. As she does this, she's using her abdominal muscles in the back of her spine to do the rotation. This is allowing the muscles to get stronger, to engage, but by not forcing anything, not trying to crank around into the twist, she's not going to harm herself or the baby. Very nice.

And then on the last one, she'll inhale, her arms up overhead, and then exhale, gently place the hands back on the legs. So again, first trimester, you can work a little bit harder, but starting in the second trimester, you're going to want to ease off of doing deep, deep twisting. Never force it, never crank the twist. Keep it easy, keep it gentle.

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