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Pilates Moves to Avoid While Pregnant

Find out what Pilates moves to avoid while pregnant from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


Pilates is wonderful for pregnancy, but there are a few things you have to avoid. First off, very simply, don't be belly down. After the first trimester, it's going to be pretty uncomfortable to be lying on your belly, so just do the exercises where you can be on your back or on your side. Also, at a certain point you are not going to want to necessarily be on your back, but have a little bit of an incline. You can prop up your head and shoulders to release that tension on your lower back. Also at some point, all the relaxing in your body is going to be softening up your ligaments. So, it's not advisable to do deep stretching. As you stretch in pilates, let the muscles stretch. Keep the stretch out of your joints and therefore, out of your ligaments. Finally, you want to be very, very mindful about doing a lot of let's say, spinal flexion, a lot of curling of your spine. The problem with that is that you can develop rectus diastasis. It's a separation of the muscle that runs straight up and down your belly. It's like a hernia. The muscle's fibers will repeater and you'll see a little bit of a hole when you press down. It's not impossible to fix, but it's a long journey to rehabilitate that muscle. So, avoid any kind of deep, strong contraction of your rectus abdominis muscle. Avoid any curling abdominal postures and you should be much safer at avoiding it. So, in summary, if you would like to do pilates while you're pregnant, try to find a prenatal pilates class. The instructor will help you stay safe while you're pregnant.

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