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How to Work Out during Your Third Trimester

Learn how to work out during your third trimester from fitness expert Cait Morth in this pregnancy workout video from Howcast.


By your third trimester, you’re probably going to feel tired and exhausted again. Baby’s going to be so large that baby’s going to be pressing against your organs – up into your diaphragm – making it a little bit more difficult to breathe. Be aware of this. Take slow, mindful breaths. If you’re working out, and you can’t carry on a conversation, slow down. You need to be able to converse. You need to be able to breathe while you workout. Now is not the time to push yourself. It’s also very common at this point to maybe get heartburn when you’re pregnant. This one’s really easy to fix. Don’t drop your head below the level of your heart. If you’re doing prenatal yoga, Downward Dog will probably not be too comfortable for you. Instead, find a pose where you can lie back on an incline, and that sensation should subside. In the third trimester, the production of relaxin, a hormone that going to stretch out your ligaments is going to go into overdrive. Because of that, you have to be really, really careful about how you stretch and work out. You don’t want to do any deep stretching in your third trimester. It’s really easy to stretch beyond the joint, beyond the muscle, and into the ligaments. As the ligaments become more pliable, they’re going to become more unstable. It’s not uncommon to feel like all your joints are loose, everything’s unstable, and everything’s feeling off balance. Be mindful of this. Take it easy, and avoid really deep stretching. And finally, you’re getting close to your due date. Just be nice to yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard. Find exercises and workouts that make you feel more comfortable; make your body feel open, but not unstable; allow you to feel strong, but not exhausted; and allow you to breathe comfortably. The more comfortable you are going into delivery, the easier it’ll all be.

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