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Muscle Memory & Pregnancy

Learn about muscle memory and pregnancy from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


A lot of my clients ask me about how's it going to be when they start up after their pregnancy working out. Well, the good thing is there's muscle memory.

Muscle memory is using movement patterns to create neurological ruts. Just like if you have a dirt road and you take a wheel in the same path every single day over that dirt road, eventually they'll start to carve out a little rut in the road. If you continue to do movement patterns often enough, you create ruts in your body.

It means that if you take some time off away from the exercise, when you come back to it, even if it's a little bit more challenging because you're not feeling like you have the same amount of strength or stamina, your body will remember how to do the exercise.

So after you've given birth, after you've taken time out from your workouts, understand your strength and stamina will not be where they were before baby. The good new is, again, you have your muscle memory. You have your neurological ruts in your body. Take it slow. Take it easy. And your body will start to find itself back into your old workout regimen.

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