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How to Work Out after Having a Baby

Learn how to work out after having a baby from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


How to work out after having a baby.

You want to start gentle, you just went through something pretty big, and pretty important. You do not need to rush into the work outs. Wear supportive clothing, stay very, very hydrated. If you had a natural vaginal delivery, you can start once your doctor gives you the okay. I know women that like to just go out for a walk starting the next day. And as their doctor sees fit they can slowly begin to increase their workout regimen. After C-section it is going to take a little bit longer.

You just had major surgery. Expect at least a six week recovery, before the doctor allows you to really go out there and start working out. So as you work out if you start to have abdominal pains, or any vaginal bleeding that is heavier than a period, you want to go see your healthcare provider or doctor immediately before continuing your workouts.

There may be some complications that the doctor can help you with. When it comes to the focus of your workouts, most women want to start on their core and pelvic floor. If you can, find some postnatal classes that will teach you specifically how to regain your abdominal strength after baby. Otherwise you can start looking at some very simple, modified exercises for strengthening your stomach and your pelvic floor. If you can take your time and start to slowly increase your intensity. Your workouts post baby will just ramp up really quickly

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