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What Is Postpartum Yoga & Pilates?

Learn about postpartum yoga and Pilates from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


Postpartum yoga and pilates is a wonderful way to get your body back into shape after baby.

After your delivery, your joints might be feeling really loose and unstable, and both yoga and pilates are going to help you stabilize your joints and reintegrate your body. Both also allow you to focus on your core and redevelop the strength that was once there that may have been lost because the muscles got a little stretched out and possibly torn.

Whichever you choose to do, whatever you decide to do, be gentle. You don't have to rush back in. You can take it easy. Go at your own pace. And if you can, work with someone who is used to working with postnatal women. They're going to have exceptional knowledge of your abdomen and pelvic floor to help you regain the strength that you may have lost.

I really recommend trying to find a postpartum or postnatal class to join. It's going to be a community full of women in the same position that you're in. You'll have people to talk to. You'll have support. And everyone can help each other as you become a new mom.

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