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How to Do Pregnancy Exercises with Cait Morth

Learn about Cait Morth, one of Howcast's pregnancy exercise experts, in this video.


Hi, I'm Cait. I'm a corrective exercise therapist, yoga instructor, and personal trainer based out of New York, but I also travel all over the world. I work with anyone who's looking to live in their bodies better, everyone from desk jockeys to mommas to-be, all the way to ironmen in training.

I grew up an athlete and a dancer and I got started in working with other people because I had a friend growing up who had no right arm or right leg and was an amazing athlete. So she'd whoop my butt in basketball and then ask me how to throw a javelin, and I would have to figure it out on my left side, despite the fact that I'm a righty, and adjust all the weights in the gym so that we could work out together, and train her how to throw a javelin.

I loved working with her so much that I continued to study the human body and all that it's capable of. And nowadays, I am working with people who maybe aren't completely injured, but just want to do things a little bit better. All the way to people that are coming back from
severe injuries and how to get them to walk a bit more comfortably, sit up more comfortably, and possibly get to the point where they can actually be more physically active and work their way back towards a more athletic lifestyle.

You can find out more about me and learn about what I do at You can also follow me on Facebook at

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