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How to Dress to Dance Merengue

Learn how to dress to dance merengue from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


Speaker 1: In Merengue dancing you can typically wear whatever you like but in a class setting I would suggest maybe something more comfortable, tights or a loose fitting shirt. You might be sweating so you don't want to stay in rigid clothing from work or anything.

Club setting or party setting you want to flirt a little more so you maybe want to put on a dress or skirt to play with while you're dancing. You could wear heels or flats, whatever you're comfortable in.

Because Merengue has a lot of movement, you want to wear something that shows off the movements. In the dance schools we usually use leather sole shoes so that you don't stick to the floor with rubber.

Speaker 2: Also you can use suede. Most of the professional dance shoes have suede on the bottom. The shoes that I'm wearing today have suede, they're professional and they actually help you to be in more contact with the floor, feel the floor a little more.

I personally love to dance barefoot. What to wear in class, I would say simple things like a T-shirt, jeans. The most important thing is that you want to be able to turn.

If you have problems turning or taking a step, moving your feet and you know you have those shoes that are actually gonna get you stuck, don't use them in class. They will actually make you a little slower to learn something because you're worried about the shoes.

The most important part here is be comfortable. Be you, feel you when you go out on the dance floor because if you feel uncomfortable with what you're wearing you're gonna feel more uncomfortable when you're dancing. Wear something that you feel comfortable in all the time. Just be you, relax and dance.

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