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Upper Body Posture in Merengue Dance

Learn the correct upper body posture for dancing merengue from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


Speaker 1: Posture is very important to have in dancing, period, especially for Merengue because it's such an easy dance. But you want to look up, you want to look confident. You don't want to look down, slouching. You're not looking, having eye contact with the partner that you're dancing with. So, I would say posture is probably a really important part of the dance. What do you think?

Speaker 2: Definitely. I would say, most people like to be comfortable and the shoulders are down. Nobody want's to be up here. Though, try to get yourself really normal. The problem is when you're trying to get into, I guess, the bending of the knees and going down in the Latino way or kind of like on the street, it's not that. You just have to let your body go. It's mostly about your core. If you're action and moving as you're dancing is here not in your shoulders. Though you keep a good posture to stay up. It's like in a building. So you divided your body. People upstairs are sleeping, downstairs they're having fun. So the party goes down here. It mostly goes from your waist all the way down. Shoulders, of course, is a combination, but you're not dancing all the time like that. It just, it comes with a movement, but most of your movements come from your core, your back, your hips, your legs, your knees. You should feel it right here, this area. That's what I would say you would really feel that you were dancing.

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