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How to Follow Proper Merengue Dance Etiquette

Learn how to follow proper merengue dance etiquette from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


Speaker 1: When you're social dancing and you're dancing the Merengue a lot of the times it's difficult for you to ask a girl or ask someone to dance. The best way to do it is to just simply ask with the hand. If he was to ask me he would just ask with the hand and I would say yes.

If I didn't, I would say no and he would accept.

Speaker 2: I would say be natural, don't be aggressive.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Probably because girls would not want you to dance with you if they see you being aggressive with someone else, they won't dance with you. Make sure you're a gentleman. You can be confident, you can say, "Hey, you want to dance with me?" Or you can be more polite, say, "Would you like to dance with me?"

Find you way just don't be aggressive and always be respectful because the Merengue is a dance that you're so close that if you're dancing with somebody you don't know it could be a hard thing for you to find a dance partner.

So if you want a dance partner first thing, "Please may I or would you."

Speaker 1: Or even just a simple hand gesture. Just grabbing someone is not the way.

Speaker 2: Dance position. Let's say she gave you a try. Don't go right away and pull her in and dance because she's gonna feel you're just stepping.

Speaker 1: Too close.

Speaker 2: Yeah and you're crossing the line. Make sure you're in dance position, you can start first in this position. Dance the first song. When she feels comfortable she'll get to know you a little bit for one song like, "Okay, the guy's doing nice." Then you can manage to get a little closer. Make sure again, to not use your pelvis forward. That will be a no-no and you'll probably get slapped.

This position is so totally incorrect and a little vulgar for the ladies. You want to make sure it is your core, your stomach there is connected to the ladies. If you're going to a close position don't bring her into you too much unless you know the lady.

When you have to, if you want to use to go down I still feel I can sitting, I am not pushing my pelvis forward. Try to get your pelvis out of the way of your partner that you don't know and this is your first time or second time dancing.

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