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5 Tips for Leading Merengue

Learn five tips for leading when dancing merengue from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


Speaker 1: One of the most important things to lead is your frame. You gotta use your body in order to tell her or to tell her to follow where you want to go.

Also any sort of way of leading with my body it has to be implied that means showing her so if I turn my body I need to take her with me. My frame, we need a little firmness from the arms, firmness from the body, from the hand on their back which is actually one of the most important hands.

Now there's a lot about being on the shoulder blade, on the waist. In Latin America we use always the way wrapped around. Sometimes if you're comfortable with the person you're with you can really hold her all the way.

Make sure you're nice to the people you're holding and you don't go ahead and use your pelvis. It's always about your body, your stomach is in contact with the person. It's not your pelvis. For men make sure you do not use your pelvis forward. It's a little uncomfortable for the ladies and it could be a little bolder as well.

Speaker 2: Yeah, don't do that.

Speaker 1: It is important to make sure you use your body and basically you're dancing with is all about your stomach. Your upper body, your hands so I can tell her where to go.

It's sort of like driving guys. If I want to drive, if I want to turn to the left I'll turn to my left. If I want to turn to my right I'll turn to my right. If I want her to turn I just raise my hand and turn her. If I want her to turn to the left I have to change directions and change the hand position which will make it much easier for the follower to know what direction she wants to go.

Speaker 2: Raising his hand is giving me an automatic signal just like a left turn signal. He's gonna give a left he'll turn his hand position and I automatically know as a follower I have to turn left.

Same thing for if he's turning right. He's going to raise his hand and I automatically know I have to turn right. If he want's me to get close he'll pull me in. By keeping my frame and him keeping his frame I know that he want's to pull me closer or pull me away.

Speaker 1: The frame is really close and in Latin America we all dance close. This is the way we dance. Also there's times that you dance this way. There are times that you can dance this way. You still lead as a man or as a leader. You don't need to be a man to be a leader.

She could lead me, I could lead her, it could be anybody. If you're the leader you just need to know what you want to do.

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