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3 Tips for Following in Merengue

Learn three tips for following when dancing merengue from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


Crystal: A great way to be a good follower is you have to keep good eye contact. That is very important, knowing exactly what your leader wants from you, paying attention to where he's going, where he's putting his hands, where his eyes are, where he wants you to go.

Ernesto: I think, for me, I need information from you, I give you some information from me through my hand, through my body, I need to know we're in contact, I need to know we're still talking. A blind person could be one of the best followers in the world.

Crystal: Another great tip to be a follower is also keeping your frame, if you lose your frame, you don't know exactly where your leader wants you to go. If I am holding onto him in my frame, if he wants to move me left, I know I have to move left. If he wants to move me right, I know I have to move right. If I'm just standing here with my arms down, not really keeping my balance or frame, I don't know which way he wants me to go. It's a great way, frame, to know exactly what he wants. Following is all about this, this, and this.

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