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How to Do Cuban Motion in Merengue

Learn how to do Cuban motion when dancing merengue from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


Speaker 1: Cuban motion is the easiest thing to do. You do it everyday when you walk. You bend, you straighten your knees as you transfer your weight from left to right. Sometimes you have to really relax the hips in order to feel it. Get a mirror. The only thing you're gonna do is transfer your weight from right to left, bend the one leg and straighten the other one. You use your hips in a rotation, an eight. That's what we call it.

So, you have an eight, a rotation to it. As you're transferring your weight and a straight and bent knee. If you have your legs straight your hip automatically will be up. The bend leg automatically you hips should be down. So, never do this. Again, if you keep changing your weight and moving your hips it gets better. You can get better at it by practicing then you can start adding in more. It's all about your body. It's all about how you can move your shoulders, your back, your hips.

Speaker 2: It makes the dance much better. In meringue if you were just to dance meringue without Cuban motion it would look a lot like a march and that's not fun.

Speaker 1: Also, you don't want to lift your feet off the floor like that. It looks robotic.

Speaker 2: So, when you use Cuban motion and meringue you're adding the flavor it needs. This is your meringue step.

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