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How to Hold Hands in Merengue

Learn how to hold hands when dancing merengue from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


First, this will be your hold. Really simple. I can show you with both hands. This will be the hold for dancing. Don't squeeze. No thumbs unless they're used for a specific move.

If I go away from her, we have a negative communication. This is what we call positive communication, negative communication, where we're pushing or pulling. Also, don't do this. If the follower's doing it, if I want her to turn, my fingers or my hand can actually slip in between the fingers, and there we have no communication. There is nothing.

So keeping your fingers closed is probably the best bet.

Never. Make sure never. They should be able to turn with this. I don't move my hand. I give her the information, and they come back straight back to where they were in the beginning.

He's almost in a cup shape. He's holding kind of a cup, and I'm just rotating inside that cup. It's a good tip on holding hands.

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