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How to Do the Forward-Back Step in Merengue

Learn how to do the forward-back step in merengue from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


The forward and back step is a really simple step. It's literally just moving forward and back. Make sure you brush your feet as you move them through. Kind of like when you're in the sand and the sand is hot on top, you want your feet to be underneath the sand. That's how you should move.

So here we start. So we're going to start with a left foot. So you're going to go from one, two, three, four. Take it back. Five, six, seven, eight. Really simple. Again, one, two, three, four. Take it back, five, six, seven, eight.

Let me show you if you're facing each other. We can be a front-together dance position or it could be for a double hand-hold. The idea is, again, for the leaders, make sure you know where you want to go. Take your follower with you. We're going back. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Always start with the left foot and followers always start with the right foot.

Also, this will give you to a different sort of step which requires the same footwork. It's called separation step. Only thing a separation does is give a separation. What I'm going to do, is as I'm going back, I'm going to use my left hand to push and my right hand is actually going to bring up as the follower's left hand is going to slide on top of the leader's arm.

So this is going to be really simple. As I'm going, I wait on the count of one. I'm going, one, two, three, four. I pull back in, five, six, seven, eight. Alright. Again, I'll show you. Push away, one, two, three, four. Back in, five, six, seven, eight.

For a basic step. Five, six, seven, go. Together. Separation. And, that's your back and forward.

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