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How to Do the Follower's Turn in Merengue

Learn how to do the follower's turn in merengue from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


This is the follower's turn. For the leader, make sure if you want the follower to turn or do anything, you have to raise the hand and give direction. It comes from your hand. So if I want the right turn, I would raise it and go around her head. Now, remember, I have the speed in my hands of how fast she's going to turn. So if I raise my hand and give her around the head, depends how fast I go with the hand, depends how fast she goes. See if I just raise my hand in Merengue, she can take as long as she wants. That's for my right turn. What would you like to add. As a follower, you always want to pay attention to where his hands are and why is he going up. He's going up to give me a signal to turn. So as he raises his arm, I go under his arm. If he wants me to turn left, I'm paying attention and he's pulling up, and I turn left because his hand is facing this way. So if I want to know, if I'm turning to your left or right. Left is the easiest way to learn it, is to turn your hand and look at your watch. So that'll be the easiest way to show the follower this is going to be your left turn. If he switches the hand, just make sure you're paying attention to what he's doing. I know I'm going to go this way because his hand is tilted that way.

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