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How to Do the Leader's Turn in Merengue

Learn how to do the leader's turn in merengue from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


Speaker 1: Leader's turn. This is all about me. I have my timing. I do the timing. I take a song, I say one, two.
Now, this is really important. Now remember, if you raise the hand, she might thing she wants to go. Make sure your hand's a little towards you. Don't let her know that you want her to turn by raising the hand and giving a little more arm towards her direction, otherwise she's going to think "I'm going to turn." For a leader, make sure it goes up and in your area. I mean, up, this is my area. I turn. This is my left turn. I also can place it on my shoulder. Remember, timing is in your hands. You can do everything you want. Right now you have all eight beats. If I want to turn to my right, I turn to my right. Again, I raise. Now, I might change my hand position in order to make it easier for me and for her to know that I want to turn. Flat, like a pizza. It's the easiest way to learn it.

Speaker 2: And followers, just keep your basic step. Just keep that motor running just like he said before, he's going to keep doing his turning, you just keep following with your basic step. So as his hand goes towards him, he does his turn. I stay in my basic.

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