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How to Do the Cuddle Step in Merengue

Learn how to do the cuddle step in merengue from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


The cuddle step. It could be led in a total different ways. You can add your separation step, or take it just from the basic, but you need double hand hold. First thing to do is to raise your left hand leader, and turn her to the left, and get into your cuddle position. To get her out of it, just raise the left hand again and get out. That was from regular basic; from separation, it will be the same. Remember, slide the hand, grab the other hand, bring one hand up, bring it down, keep dancing, raise the hand, come back out. As a follower, you want to keep the connection the entire time. So, we're in close position, and we get into our separation step, we trail his arm. As he lifts his arm, I'm walking into him, and keeping a nice tight hold, he goes and lets me out, and we go into our basic step. Now for a regular dance position. Cuddle step is amazing.

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