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How to Do the Hammer Lock in Merengue

Learn how to do the hammer lock in merengue from professional dancers Ernesto Palma and Crystal Rodriguez in this Howcast dance video.


Speaker 1: It requires to do a double hand hold. Raise the hand, the left hand leaders, turn the fellows to the right and then bring your right hand down. Make sure don't raise it up and finish your turn. Don't let this hand stay here. Finish all the way across. That can come from a separation step of a regular basic step. So either way, if I'm doing a basic, I would raise her hand as I'm turning her to the right to get into hammerlock. If I wanted from a separation, we'll do the separation step, wrap her hand, and lead her into the same way.

Speaker 2: Followers, it is very important for you to stay connected to your partner the whole time. I'm still connected with my left and my right hand.

Speaker 1: If we want to be out of this, we just have to bring same hand over in any way. Front separation from no separation.

Speaker 2: Now let's try the hammerlock set with some music.

Speaker 1: Front separation. Leave the separation and the hammerlock. That's your hammerlock.

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