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Basic Archery Rules

Learn basic archery rules from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


Basic archery rules, I guess, you might consider depending on the type of archery you're doing. If you're doing recreational shooting, you wanna be very careful that there's nobody standing in front of you while you're shooting, or you're not standing in front of somebody as they're shooting. It's a very simple rule, it's common sense basically. Obviously a bow is always considered a weapon, although today, we don't consider it a weapon, we consider it a means of participating in an athletic sport. It's as much of a weapon as a golf club or a hockey stick. But, you know in any other sport there are dangers that you've got to be aware of. In archery the dangers are very apparent, because when somebody has a bow and arrow in their hands, you're aware of the danger right away, and you act accordingly. If you're in an archery range, obviously everybody's standing at the same line, nobody's standing in front of someone else while they're shooting, you don't walk in front of the line if somebody's shooting. That also applies as well if you're shooting outdoors. Nobody should be in front of the shooter while the shooter has a bow and an arrow in his hands. If you're hunting, there's a whole set of other rules that are concerned. The Department of Environmental Conservation actually prescribes a lot of the rules of safety in the hunting environment. Tree stand hunting, which is a very common part of bow hunting, is a very dangerous part of it. You've gotta learn what to do and what not to do while climbing a tree. In order to be a bow hunter, you've got to take 10 hours of a hunter safety course, and if you wanted to go with a bow, you've got to take an additional 8 hours of a bow hunter safety course. So it's a total of 18 hours of hunter and bow hunter safety that you've got to take mandatorily before you can get your license. So there's a lot of preparation before you go into the woods. You, when you get your license, you are well versed in the dos and the don'ts and in the safety of the sport.

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