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How to Have Proper Archery Form

Learn proper archery form from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


We're going to now give Vickie a lesson. A lesson in proper archery form.

It starts out by the stance. How she stands in relationship to the target.

You should be perpendicular to the target so that the shoulder is actually pointing toward the target. The stance with the bow in front of her and her fingers on the string. This is called the resting position.

From the resting position, we then can load the bow as long as we are in proper stance and, of course, nobody is standing in front.

We can load the bow by taking an arrow out of the quiver, placing it on the bow by putting the back of the arrow on to the string first, and then the front of the arrow on to the arrow rest.

Once the arrow is in the bow, then we place our fingers on the string in the proper position.

With a recurve or traditional recurve bow, the position of the fingers on the string is very important. The closer you are to the target, the lower your finger has to be on the string so that the arrow can be brought up closer to the eye for aiming purposes.

We are close to the target at this point. The next thing we want to do is bring that bow up into the ready position. In the ready position, we bend the arm sideways, lift the elbow high. That's to put the proper back muscles in line.

From the ready position, we go into the anchor position by pulling the bow back, placing the top finger in the corner of the mouth. That puts the arrow in a higher position for aiming purposes.

Let's come back to rest and go over this quickly.

Rest position. Ready position. Anchor position.

Once you're in the anchor position, you aim by looking down the shaft of the arrow into the target, and then shooting.


The last thing would be to hold.

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