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How to Determine Your Dominant Eye for Archery

Learn how to determine your dominant eye from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


One of the things that we must do before we start giving you a lesson is to determine your dominant eye. It's very important because some people's dominant eye is their right eye and some people have a dominant eye as their left eye. Most of the time, a right handed person would have a right eye dominance and a left handed person would have a left eye dominance but there are several occasions where that is not true. So we must determine which your dominant eye is regardless of whether you're left handed or right handed.

The way we do it is very simple. We have the person stand in front making an overlap design of the hands with a hole. Then bringing the hole up to the eye, I can look through the hole and see the she is right eye dominant because that's the eye that she's looking at me with and then place the palms down again. Now, some people doubt what I'm telling them and what I'm saying is you only see out of one of your eyes. It's the dominant eye. To prove that, when you do the dominant eye test again, when you are looking at me, I tell the person to close the dominant eye. In this case it would be your right eye. So bring the hole up, close your right eye and I've disappeared out of the hole, because even though you've brought the hole up to my eye with both eyes open, when you close off the dominant eye, that's the eye that's looking through the hole. That's what you're seeing.

With both eyes open, you're going to raise your arms up with the hole focused on the camera, looking through the hole, then close off your dominant eye, your right eye, the camera disappears, and the camera can see that you're closing off your dominant eye. And then come back to resting.

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