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How to Draw a Bow & Arrow

Learn how to draw a bow and arrow from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


Starting with the rest position what we have to really concentrate on is the hand position on the bow. The hand must be behind the bow. The trick is that the thumb should be on the side of the bow so that the hand is rotated behind the bow.

Now, the other thing with a compound bow is you're using a trigger release. Once you put the trigger release on you must put your finger behind the trigger. Do not touch the trigger. At any time during the pull of the bow you can accidentally cause the trigger to go off thus causing your hand to hit your mouth and possibly knock out your teeth. So, make sure your finger is behind the trigger.

From the rest position when you go into your ready position make sure your bow arm is bent. If your bow arm is not bent, when you shoot the string will hit your arm and cause a welt. This is probably the biggest deterrent factor of people not coming into the sport of archery. So, bend your arm even if you just bend it slightly as long as it's bent.

Placing the elbow higher than the shoulder then puts the muscles in the proper line. Of course when you pull back to your anchor position you want to make sure that you're making contact with your face. Do not be afraid of the string hitting your face. The string is in front of your face in the tip of your nose, the corner of your mouth. That's very important, and at this point always check to make sure your arm is bent. Then once you take your shot the shot is finished.

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