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How to Pull the Bow Back Properly

Learn how to pull a bow back properly from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


All right. Basically, we've, again, gone through the six parts of the bow. Rest, ready, anchor, aim, and shoot. Of course, in order to go from the ready position, which is raising the bow up, bending the arm sideways, lifting the elbow up. From going from this position to the anchor position, which is placing the finger underneath the chin or against the corner of the mouth, we have to draw the bow back.

Okay, come back to rest. We have to draw the bow back properly. It's very important to position yourself before you start to draw in order to use the proper muscles. So that when you're drawing back, everything is in line to get the most strength out of the pull. Well, the first trick is when you raise the bow up and bend your arm, what you're actually doing is not only keeping your arm away from the strings so you don't get hurt, but you're adjusting the muscles of your shoulder and your front back in a tenser position so that you can use your back muscles in the front to hold the weight of the bow. Then, by placing your elbow at a higher elevation as you pull back, you're using your back muscles in the back to coincide with the front muscles. To cause a balance of pull.

So, remember before you start to pull the bow, bend your arm slightly, lift your elbow, thereby putting your back muscles front and back, in line. So that when you pull back, you're using your back muscles to pull the string, not your arm. If you keep your elbow low, then you're using your bicep to pull back. That is not good. That is not good form. If you don't bend your arm slightly sideways, then you're using a stiff arm to pull back, you're not using your back muscles. So, in order to pull back the bow, bend arm, high elbow, pull back to anchor using your back muscles. Come back to rest. That's proper drawing.

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