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How to Mount Archery Arrow Points

Learn how to mount archery arrow points from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


Okay, as I had said in a previous episode, there are different kinds of arrows and of course, the different kinds of arrows dictate on how the points are mounted in the arrow.

An aluminum arrow, a carbon arrow, a fiberglass arrow are all hollow. They're hollow and the point fits inside the shaft and it's hot-glued in. So when you have the point, you put hot glue on the outside of the point. And when it's still liquid, you push it into the shaft and that becomes what we call an insert point.

Now a bullet point or target point already has a point on it, so that that's it, once it's in, the hot-melt glue cools and the point is mounted.

On a hunting arrow, we put what we call an insert, which is not pointed. It actually has a thread that you can mount laser heads or field tips onto.

And then on a wooden shaft, which is not hollow inside, we put a point over the shaft, which called an outsert. An outsert goes over the shaft and again, is hot-melted onto the shaft.

And those are the way the points are mounted into arrows.

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