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5 Tips & Techniques for More Accurate Shooting in Archery

Pick up some tips and techniques for more accurate shooting from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


The answer is very simple. It's simply practice. There's no substitute for practice. You'll find that there's no way that you can cheat in archery. Practice, practice practice. The whole secret of archery is being consistent. The word accuracy does not apply to the bow, it applies to the person. The person shooting the bow becomes accurate. A bow is always accurate. It has no variation. A person has variation. In order to become accurate, you have to practice. Consistency is the answer. To start off with your archery experience, do not by any means, move too far away from the target. The further you move away from the target, the less apt you are to hit the target. Start close. Five yards would be a good starting distance from the target. As you improve, as your accuracy improves, then you can move back gradually. Even five yards at a time would be a limit to move back until at each distance, you achieve the accuracy that you want. Eventually you'll move back to the distance that you want to shoot. In archery, you can actually move back to 100 yards from the target. That is a legitimate Olympic distance that you would be required to shoot at if you were going into that type of shooting. Start from five yards. Always be consistent.

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