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How to Use a Modern Compound Bow in Archery

Learn how to use a modern compound bow from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


Here at Queen's Archery, when we teach modern compound bow shooting, we use a hybrid bow. The hybrid bow is much easier to use, but you learn the same technique as the compound bow. Without having the effort of pulling back a heavier bow. This is the hybrid bow. It looks just like a compound. And we shoot it exactly the same way.

With a compound bow, we do have the availability of more accessories, which will actually help you. For instance, you can see that on a compound bow we have a sighting system. We have a rear sight system. We have a loop on the string, in order to put a trigger release into. And that's the way you shoot a compound bow, is with a trigger release.

So a compound bow is much more accurate than a recurve or traditional bow. We're going to demonstrate the proper form of compound shooting. Again, we take an arrow out of our quiver. Place it on the bow the same way, by clicking the back of the bow onto the string. And the front of the arrow rests on the arrow rest.

Now we put the trigger release into the loop, locking it onto that so that it does not slip out. And we go into the rest position. Same as before. Rest position's the same. Ready position is the same. Bending the arm, lifting the elbow. Now comes the difference. When we pull back, we're going to anchor, instead of on the corner of the mouth, we're going to anchor back by the neck. Thus placing the nose and the corner of the mouth on the string. So that your eye can look through the rear peep.

So we're going to pull back, anchor, look through the rear peep, aim with the front sight, then place our finger on the trigger, and pull. Perfect shot.

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