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How to Use a Hybrid Bow in Archery

Learn how to use a hybrid bow from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


Alright. This is another type of bow. This is what we call a hybrid bow. It's in between the recurve and the compound. A hybrid bow looks like a compound bow, and when you shoot it, you shoot it the same way you would a compound bow. This is what we use a lot for training, because it has no limitations. Compound bow is also built basically the same way, with a riser section, and limbs on either end. The difference between a compound bow and a recurve bow is that it's mechanically aided by the use of, of cams and wheels. By, by putting a cam on the end of the bow with pulleys, it acts kind of like a uh, pulley system that reduces the weight of the bow. In other words, when you pull the bow back, the cams and the pulleys interact in order to make the bow actually easier to pull and hold. When you shoot it, then the power of the bow is transferred into the arrow more efficiently, and this is why the compound bow is becoming more and more popular.

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