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How to Use a Recurve Bow in Archery

Learn how to use a recurve bow from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


All right. Archery bows come in all different shapes and sizes, depending on what you want to do with archery. This is the basic bow. This is called a recurve bow because it has a recurve on it. It curves and recurves. What happens with this recurve, it gives the bow more power. Because, as you open it up, the spring effect of the recurve shoots the arrow out a lot faster than just a straight bow. This is really the most common kind of bow today. This is the type of bow that's used in the Olympics because it's known world wide. That's why it's allowable in the Olympics, because anybody in the world has access to this type of bow. This particular bow is a basic bow. It has a wood handle and it has limbs that are attached to the wood handle. That makes it, actually, a very good bow for a beginner, because the limbs actually, can be changed to different poundages. As the beginner improves and strengthens, he can change, he or she can change the poundage of the bow. The bow's main part is called the riser. The riser contains an arrow rest where the arrow rests on. It's an elevated arrow rest, so that as the arrow passes the bow, the arrow doesn't interfere, or the bow doesn't interfere with the arrow. This is what we call a basic bow.

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