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6 Elk & Moose Hunting Tips

Pick up six elk and moose hunting tips from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


Alright, now we're talking about big game; elk, moose, usually found out West. You're in the 1,000 pound category now. First of all, be prepared to do a lot of exercise with the bow prior to going hunting. You need to shoot a heavy bow. These are heavy boned animals, you need the penetration of at least a 70 pound bow. You need heavy arrows to give you more foot pounds to give you more penetration. They may not be very fast moving animals, but they are dangerous animals.

What you want to do is, again, get in close. Whenever I tell you to get in close to an animal I'm putting you in a very dangerous situation because the closer you are to that animal the more vulnerable you are. That's what makes hunting exciting. I've seen people hunt moose, for instance, with a simulation on antlers to draw them in. When they start seeing antlers they actually may determine that you're a suitor in their territory.

You're actually coming into their territory and they will come after you, they will attack you. They don't realize that you're just a frail human being compared to them. So you have to set yourself up in a position where you're safe and you're going to get a good shot at this animal.

Elk is the same thing. Elk is more extensive throughout the United States, actually you can find elk right here in the Northwest and they did open the season on it in some counties. So that's another very large animal. Again, you want to get in close, as close as you possibly can to take the shot. Of course you've got a bigger target because it's a bigger animal, but you still have to hit the kill area. There's no other place on the animal that you can actually hit that's going to do the damage to bring that animal down.

So you've got to practice. Practice is always the prime ingredient to bow hunting. You can call them in. They have elk calls, they have moose calls, you simulate all different kinds of language. You've got to learn the language, you can actually duplicate their language, you can actually talk to these animals if you learn the language. It's amazing. You may not believe it, but I have seen videos on professional deer callers and elk callers and moose callers; actually talking to the animal through the use of their calls and bringing them in close. It's just amazing what people could do with these things.

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