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4 Bear Hunting Tips

Pick up four bear hunting tips from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


Where basically you have black bear, and you have grizzly bear. Black bear are more prominent here in the Northeast. They do have season on black bear, and black bear have been found as far down into Westchester County, which isn't that far from where we're standing right now.

As any wild animal, black bear is dangerous, but even more dangerous because they run three-, 400 pounds! That's a lot of weight to be cast on you if you aggravate it. You wanna hunt bear from a tree stand, although remember, a bear can climb tree! So, usually they hunt it from a tree stand, and over bait. They usually put bait out for it to lure them in. Bear love donuts, and very sweet, like honey, for instance.

They come in and they'll feed periodically, usually at the same time in the evening or in the morning, and you've gotta be ready for it, you've gotta be ready to take your shot. A lot of times you take that shot, you're not going to kill it right away, and that bear will wander off into the wilderness, wounded, and of course, then, it's your obligation as a hunter to go after it.

That's where the dangerous part actually comes in. Now you're going after a wounded bear in his territory, so you've really gotta know what you're doing. You've really know what the bear's going to do. Here again, you've gotta know the animal that you're hunting.

When you go into the woods looking for that bear, a lot of times we say that you better be sure it's dead. Depends on what degree of wounding it is. A wounded bear is very dangerous if you corner it, obviously. And when you finally get to it, be prepared to take your second shot if you have to.

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