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3 Coyote Hunting Tips

Pick up three coyote hunting tips from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


You don't hunt coyotes actually coyotes come to you and most of the time by accident. If you see a coyote it's encouraged to actually shoot it. They become a pest in the Northeast. There's an overabundance of coyotes. They do a lot of damage and they do a lot of damage to the wildlife as well. They are dangerous animals, they do travel in packs.

The best way that I know of for getting a coyote to come in close is by using what they call a wounded rabbit call. A wounded rabbit call is an actual call that you can buy and sounds like a rabbit that's screaming that's wounded. A coyote will hone right in on that sound and come in to investigate. At that point, what you're doing is luring that coyote to come in close. You're going to be using the same equipment, the same broad heads, the same arrows, same bow that you would use on any animals. There is nothing special about hunting coyotes.

It's more of a lucky find when you do get to shoot one. So keep your eye out for them that's all.

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