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3 Boar Hunting Tips

Pick up three boar hunting tips from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


Actually wild boar has become a big wild game trophy especially, again, in the northeast and in the east. Actually wild boar were actually introduced especially into the Carolinas and around Virginia and the Blue Mountains and they become overpopulated so wild boar hunting is really encouraged by the conservation department and wild boar hunting with bow and arrow is especially exciting because this is a dangerous animal. You normally hunt wild boar from an elevated position, a tree stand. You bait for them.

You put out bait. You can actually call them. They have wild boar calls to call them in. And again you've got to be practiced in order to shoot a wild boar because you don't get a good shot on a wild boar unless it's in the kill area which is probably about ten inches in diameter. You want to get that hot long area. Wild boar have very thick skin so you want to make sure your broad ends are very sharp and you're using a heavy enough bow. We actually had a couple that used to come into the range that went wild boar hunting. A woman and her husband.

And she was very concerned about being able to penetrate the skin of the wild boar because she was only use about a 35 pound bow while her husband was using a 70 pound bow. They went out wild boar hunting and sure enough, she got the first shot and she put that wild boar down with one arrow. Her husband, on the other hand, with the 70 pound bow had an opportunity to shoot and it took him three arrows to put that boar down. So it depends on where you hit it like with any animal but especially a wild boar because they are tough.

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