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Traditional Archery vs. Modern Archery

Learn the difference between traditional archery and modern archery from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


In the realm of hunting in archery, the compound bow is the most accepted way of hunting in a bow hunting situation because of its efficiency. And when you use a compound bow, it is accepted that a release aid gives you the best shot that you can get out of a compound bow.

Now there are basically two basic types. The one that goes around the wrist, and the one that you hold in your hand. This is a T handle. This is a wrist-strap. Basically, the wrist strap goes onto your wrist, and it locks on. This is a more popular release now, today. Because as a bow hunter, it's strapped onto your wrist at all times, and therefore it's very difficult to lose in the woods. Whereas a T handle stays loose, and unless you put it in your pocket and keep track of it, you could lose this in the woods. So a lot of people don't use the T handle anymore. But we're going to show you how to use it, anyway.

Basically, let me show you how the wrist release is used. Take an arrow. Arrow goes on the bow. Release goes onto the loop. Okay? Pull back. And anchor. Then aim. Then touch the trigger and pull. All right. Perfect shot. Now, the T handle release, put an arrow in, is a little bit different in that you hold it in your hand, and the trigger is on top. So when you snap it onto the string, it holds. Then you turn your hand. Put it against your face. Aim through the hole. Then push the trigger forward, and it shoots. Perfect shot. Both releases do the same job. It's just that this is a wrist strap, and this is a T handle.

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