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How to Exercise for Archery

Learn how to exercise for archery from the pros at Queens Archery in this Howcast video.


Alright, by entering into the sport of archery, there are certain exercises that you can do in order to increase the development of those particular muscles that you're using just for archery. And by the way, these are muscles that you don't normally use in your normal life. So you've got to do some exercises. And the best exercise is going to be shooting the bow. Because you're using the specific exercises that you need muscles that you need in order to develop. But if you don't have the opportunity to shoot the bow for instance, if you go home and you want to exercise, you don't want to shoot the bow in your house. You can string the bow up and do these three exercises. They're very basic. The first one is what we call an overdraw. You bring the bow up to the ready position, keeping your bow arm bent, and then pulling the bow back past your anchor point and then back again. Repeat this several times. Back again. Back and forth and come back to rest. Make sure that while you're doing this exercise your arm does not come out of the bent position. It will try to come out of the bent position as you exercise and begin to tire. The particular thing on that particular on that specific exercise is keeping your arm in the bent position. The next exercise I'm going to give you is what we call the salute. It's to build up the arm properly, and the bow arm is one of the most important parts of archery. So you just simply raise the bow up keeping your hand your elbow and your shoulder at the same level. Come into a salute position making sure that the elbow stays up high and then back again. Salute position and back again. Of course, within a very short amount of time you're going to start to feel the muscles burning in your shoulder. That's good. The third and final exercise that I'm going to tell you about is what I call the killer. The killer exercise is raising the bow up, coming back into your anchor position and then bending your am extremely and then pushing forward. Bending your arm extremely and pushing forward, making sure the elbow does not go down. I can see that the killer is working. Go back to rest. If you can get these three exercises down for five minutes a day, within one week, you will have built up those muscles that you need for archery.

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