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Is a Cleanse Good for You?

Learn if cleanses and detoxes, such as juice cleanses, are good for you from nutrition expert Alex Jamieson in this Howcast video.


You might be wondering if a cleanse is good for you. Everybody's doing cleanses and there's so many different kinds. So here's a few thoughts on cleanses. There are many different kinds and you need to be aware of where you are in terms of your health, your energy, your lifestyle. You can do a juice cleanse, you can do a smoothie cleanse, a soup cleanse, some people do just a water cleanse. You need to find out and really think about how your body's feeling. Are you pretty energetic and you just want to kind of reboot your system, start with a fresh slate. That sounds like a great idea. Maybe you can go a little more extreme and just do water or do a juice cleanse just to keep some nutrients coming in. But, maybe if your health has been a little low, your energy's down, you don't want to do something so extreme at first. So, maybe you just start really, really cleaning up your diet and moving towards raw fruits and vegetables for a couple of days. And then do a day of smoothies and then do a day of just juices or water. So, you move your way slowly into it and then you move your way slowly out of it. You don't want to go hardcore American style fast food diet to a cleanse the next day, and then go back to fast food. That's not going to do you any good and you're going to feel pretty crummy. So, take your time going into it and that can be really useful. It gives your digestive system a chance to clean out and heal. Your digestive system works really hard 365 days a year, all day long and most of the night. So, to give it a break can help it heal and give your body a chance to really start getting the nutrition out of the foods that you do consume. If you're doing a cleanse on your own without medical supervision, you really want to be careful that you don't go too long. And you want to be careful that you give it enough time to be effective. So, there's kind of a sweet spot. You want to go at least a whole day, maybe two days, maybe three. Maybe after three days you start feeling really good like your skin is clearing up, your energy's good, maybe your headaches have disappeared. You've noticed that some longstanding health issues are calming down. If that's the case, ask yourself, is this a good thing for me to do for another day or two? But, if you're starting to feel like your energy's low, like you're hitting the wall a couple times a day energetic wise, maybe it's time to start adding in some raw foods or some cooked foods again. Really clean ones, really healthy ones and start working your way back onto a real diet of clean foods.

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