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What Is Conscious Eating?

Learn what conscious eating is from nutrition expert Alex Jamieson in this Howcast video.


Conscious eating is really all about awareness and giving yourself a chance to think and feel about where your body and state of mind are. so when you come to the table , don't just bring your food to the table, bring your awareness, to yourself , to your body , to your motions and your thoughts . Now really give yourself a chance to your food to look at it, smell it , taste it and chew it properly so that you recognize that you're eating that your mind and your body have a chance to feel when you're full and also by chewing properly you're actually gonna digest the food better , get more nutrition out of it when turn nice side benefit but conscious eating is also about understanding what your emotional state is. If you're coming with your meal with a lot of stress, you're per-occupied with your work , some relationship issues, that stress shows up in your body and when you are under stress, your not digesting your food properly, you probably gonna eat more, you might eat too fast , which again gives digestive problems , you don't get the nutrition out of your food so conscious eating is really about slowing down and eating in a non-stress state. Part of conscious eating can be tricky is when you're trying to be conscious and the people that your eating with might not be aware. Maybe they are eating really really fast, or they are fighting while they're eating, you know, it's OK. its OK for you to be conscious and aware of how you feel and recognize that people around you are as focused on how they're feeling when they're eating . Its really most important for you to stay centered, stay aware of how you're feeling , if you're feeling uncomfortable in a situation just take a break from what you're eating , take a breath, put your fork down, maybe wait until cloud clears maybe wait until the energy relaxes around you . You know you can take this conscious eating rules even a little bit too far if you're so focused on doing things right in a certain way that's taking you out of the moment. If you're not really enjoying yourself or feeling relaxed if you're too worried about doing right , doing the rules the right way, that's not really gonna help your body either that's the stressful reaction so just take it easy enjoy yourself, , put a foot down if you need to, take a break and enjoy your food.

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