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Is Coconut Water Good for You?

Learn if coconut water is good for you from nutrition expert Alex Jamieson in this Howcast video.


So you might be wondering if coconut water is good for you. Everybody's drinking it. It's everywhere now. Coconut water is actually a great option for some people, sometimes. Instead of drinking sugar-sweetened colored artificially-preserved sports drink, you can instead go with coconut water, which has no added sugars, no colors. Some of them have some sweeteners and flavorings added to them, but you can just get regular old original-flavored coconut water. And what it does is, it offer you electrolytes. And electrolytes are basically salts, like potassium. Coconut water actually has more potassium in it than a banana, which is really useful if you have any kind of muscle cramping going on. So the great thing about electrolytes is that we sweat them out when we're working out hard, and we need to replace them. But you can replace them just with regular food that's lightly seasoned with salt and has some minerals and like basic ingredients. Lots of people can work out without having special sports drinks. You can just drink water after your workouts and have a healthy meal. You don't have to go choose an expensive beverage afterwards. But coconut water is a really good option for people who have been drinking sports drinks, who want something healthier. So there is a difference between drinking young coconut water out of an actual young coconut with the top hacked off, or drinking one out of a little aseptic container that you can buy at the store. The one from the store is fine. It still has the potassium and electrolytes in it. But the one from the coconut is much fresher, it actually tastes better, and you're going to get more of the enzymes, more of the natural ingredients are going to be fresher and better for you.

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