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Can Soy Cause Cancer?

Learn if soy can cause cancer from nutrition expert Alex Jamieson in this Howcast video.


A lot people are concern about soy and whether or not it's a health food or whether it causes cancer. So there's a lot of variable to think about. One is that highly processed soy foods are associated with certain types of cancer.

Now, we tend to eat soy in crazy ways, in crazy amounts. So you want to choose only the best quality soy foods. Like fermented soy. Those are the safest. And the fermented soy foods are tempeh and naturally brewed soy sauce, and miso. Those soy foods are much safer and you get a lot of health benefits from them. You don't want to consume all the highly processed soy foods. Like soy hot dogs and soy ice cream and soy nuggets.

We tend to eat soy in a lot of really processed ways all throughout the day. So instead choose one or two servings of the fermented soy foods to get your protein needs meet. You also want to be sure that the soy you're eating is organic, because soy is one of the most commonly genetically modified foods and we don't know if genetically modified foods contribute to our cancer risk.

So, if you're eating soy, you want to make sure you're getting organic soy. And that's the safest bet. Soy milk is one of the foods that's in kind of a grey area. It's not for fermented and their are less processed versions of soy milk that you can consume and enjoy that may be healthier. So you definitely want to choose an organic soy milk and one that's not highly sweetened.

There are some brands that really sweeten their soy milk. You can get great unsweetened soy milk to use. Either vanilla unsweetened or just plain. Choose that instead. Make sure it's organic. And if you're not sure, choose another plant milk like coconut or almond. Or even hemp milk instead of soy milk.

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