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Does an Apple a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away?

Learn if eating an apple a day really can keep the doctor away from nutrition expert Alex Jamieson in this Howcast video.


You might have heard the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", and you're wondering is that really true? Well, apples are one of the easiest healthy foods that you can start adding into your diet every day, not only to help with sugar cravings, but to add some really important benefits. The first is that apples provide a really good amount of fiber and most people are only getting half of the fiber that they should be getting on a daily basis.

The other is that there are new studies showing that people who consume more apples on a regular basis actually reduce the incidence of stroke. So if you have concerns about stroke, maybe there is a history in your family, start consuming more apples as a very simple food that's delicious that will help protect your body. Now you do want to be careful with apples because how you consume them is just as important as how often you consume them. You want to make sure that your apples are organic. Apples are one of the most highly sprayed fruits.

With lots of pesticide residue an apple won't be doing you any favors. Apples are also going to taste better and their going to be fresher and healthier if you eat them in season. So if you eat them right off the tree in the fall then they’re going to have more vitamins, more nutrients to protect your health and their going to taste better as well. Also, if you're eating like deep fried apple slices or dipping them in caramel sauce, their probably not going to do you any good. So if you try to eat nice, fresh, healthy and organic apples if possible apples.

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