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How to Shop for Healthy Food

Learn how to shop for healthy foods from nutrition expert Alex Jamieson in this Howcast video.


You can have the most success shopping for healthy foods by choosing foods that are whole, that are seasonal, and that are as local as possible.

So healthy foods that are whole isn't necessarily going to a whole foods store, but buying foods that are whole, meaning that all of their edible parts are in tact. That means whole brown rice, as opposed to white rice. Or eating the apple, or the carrot, or the sweet potato with its skin on. So using those whole foods means the food is healthier. It's offering you more nutrition, more minerals.

Also, buying food that is fresh. Food that is locally grown, locally sourced, means that it's fresher, it's bringing you more nutrition, it actually tastes better, and it hasn't had the impact on our carbon footprint that something that's been shipped half way around the world. So choose foods that are locally produced, that are fresh and in season.

Another tip to help you shop for healthy foods is to choose organic foods, but the right organic foods. You don't need to buy everything organic if that's going to burst your budget. You can go online and search for the clean fifteen and dirty dozen list, which is compiled by the environmental working group. The dirty dozen list shows you the top twelve fruits and vegetables that you should buy organically raised. Those fruits and vegetables are sprayed with many more pesticides, fungicides, and chemicals. And then you can use the clean fifteen list, and those fruits and vegetables aren't sprayed as much. So you can save some money buying those conventionally raised. They won't be as harmful to your health.

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