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Is Brain Food Real?

Learn if there is such a thing as brain food from nutrition expert Alex Jamieson in this Howcast video.


There are some delicious brain foods out there actually protect your brain and fuel your brain. Some of those protective foods are foods which are make you all free fatty acids. You may have some of these food already, while some are may not. But there are some good plant based sources that you can co-operate like Flax seeds, hemp seeds and Wall nuts. Now flax seeds you are gonna make sure that ground because your body has better access from flax seeds ground seeds rather than whole seeds and now I make clear actually how protect brain cell lining in the membranes so that your brain functions properly.The other source of energy for your brain is carbohydrates. your brain need carbohydrate to think clearly. so we knew hit the 3'o clock wall in afternoon when your energy get slow and you start thinking more fuzzy. Your body actually need some carbohydrates to get start your brain power. You wanna choose carbohydrates then how can I push you into a crash or an insulin rush. So choose complex carbohydrates like some really good whole grains even some vegetables like carrots or some powerful brain foods like berries or fruits rather than refined sugar products.

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