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The Truth about MSG

Learn the truth about MSG from nutrition expert Alex Jamieson in this Howcast video.


The truth about MSG is that it's everywhere and it's dangerous. MSG stands for monosodium glutamate which is a flavor enhancer added to many foods. But it doesn't have to be labelled as MSG, it can be labelled as a kind of a sister or a free glutamate. So you might find it on an ingredient label as hydrolyzed yeast extract or nutritional yeast or brown rice syrup. So if you see those on a label you may want to question whether that product is a good idea for you. MSG is also an excitotoxin; that means, when it enters your body it can make its way to your brain and it can really light up and overpower your brain cells. Because what it's doing is it's enhancing the flavor of the food it's added to. What it does when it gets to your brain is it overpowers your brain cells and it can actually cause a myriad of issues including anxiety, migraines, inflammation and it can cause obesity over time. So we want to avoid MSG.

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