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How to Bond with Your Baby during Pregnancy

Learn to bond with your baby while pregnant from childbirth educator Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach in this Howcast video. Thumbnail: xoxo by karine*imagine


There are many ways to bond with your baby during pregnancy. Touching your belly and talking to your baby, reading your favorite childhood book to your baby, and picking out a favorite lullaby to sing to your baby are all really great ways to connect with your baby during pregnancy. Some people even believe that baby's can hear when they're inside of you. So it's really important to think about what you're saying to your baby and how you're saying it. Baby's tend to react and respond more to high pitched sounds. So really try to connect with your baby. Let him or her know how much you love her. How you can't wait to meet them and how excited you are for them to join your family. You can even ask your family members or your partner to participate in talking to your baby. You can put headphones on your belly. You can play music for your baby. You can sing your favorite lullaby. These are all things you can do while your pregnant and also at the birth of your baby. Is talking to your baby during pregnancy good for you or good for your baby? The truth is it's good for both of you. Talking to your baby, singing to your baby, reading to your baby can be a really great way for you and your baby to bond right from the beginning.

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